People Food For Dogs™

Freshly Crafted from our kitchen using ingredients found in yours.
Human Grade Ingredients
Ethically Sourced Protein
Nutrient-Dense Superfood Bites
Thaws in Minutes

We believe healthy pets start with healthy food.

Start with our fresh cooked, superfood-packed recipes, crafted with 100% human grade ingredients and high-quality whole protein. Easy to pour and thaws in minutes, so you can spend more time playing and less time prepping.

Only the good stuff, just like nature intended.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

“My dog couldn't get enough. It was so fresh and wholesome. I had no concerns about feeding this to my dog. The lick chops over and over again made me smile!”
— Sheryl N.
“Looks so good. You might not realize it is dog food if you did not scoop out of package. So much more nutritious than dry kibble. 2 paws up 😀”
— Tammy B.
“I was so impressed by the look of this dog food. Both of my girls LOVED it. I have an older dog that I usually have to encourage to eat, but not with this food!”
— Tiffany P.
“Every time I fed this to my dogs they could not get enough. They would wine and cry for it. ”
— Lynn F.

Eat Well, IRL or URL



Maximize Your Dog's Potential

  • Skin & Coat Health
    Supported by Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Fish Oil
  • Immune Health
    Supported by Antioxidants in superfoods like blueberries and sweet potato
  • Muscle Growth, Development & Maintenance
    Supported by Amino Acids derived specifically from animal protein

What Makes Our Food Special?


Our food is made in a USDA kitchen where all ingredients and processing methods meet either USDA or FDA standards for human consumption. You won’t ever find us making low quality, feed-grade brown pellets in our kitchen.


These little bites pack a ton of punch with nutrient-dense liver, antioxidant-rich blueberry, and fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids. They provide some of the key vitamins and nutrients your dog needs, naturally.


97% of our protein comes from ranch-raised beef, and cage free turkey and chicken – never from rendered meals or pea proteins. This means that your dog gets the essential amino acids it needs from high quality, recognizable pieces of meat. See the difference for yourself.


Whether you choose to store in the fridge or freezer, our whole chunks of meat and veggies easily pour from bag to bowl and thaw in just minutes. No need to microwave or wait for hours before feeding your dog. No clean up afterwards.